A shamanic breathing technique that moves stuck energy and trauma out of the body. This active form of meditation is simple but powerful; it circumvents mental-blocks, reboots your nervous system and imparts clarity around any issue. I facilitate a safe, ceremonial space catered to your specific needs. This work is deep and helps clients generate a sense of consciousness and connection to the greater parts of the themselves.




Awaken your awareness, strengthen your nervous system and experience your total creative potential. Kundalini yoga is an ancient practice that combines breath, mantra, mudra, eye-focus, body locks, posture and meditation to invigorate life force and psycho-spiritual growth. Private or group Kundalini Yoga classes. Option to customize instruction to your birth chart for what is most therapeutic to specific planetary placements and transits. In person or remote.

$88 - Private Session / $108 - Private Group Class / $188 - Customized Astrology Session